Oh, the fun you can have at the marine life park!

In case you were wondering about me, here is a little interview I conducted with myself. We’ll call the selves Self1 and Self2. Here goes…

Self1: Tell us a little about yourself, Wendy.

Self2: Well, I live in the North Georgia Mountains in the USA. Married, two dogs. I’m a child of the 70’s, artist, karaoke singer, photographer, aspiring cook, Florida native, aunt to twin boys, recovering consumer, animal lover, optimist, green smoothie drinker, and hiker.

Self1: Why blogging, and why now?

Self2: Well, I originally started the blog in preparation for our West Coast Road Trip that we are taking starting Summer 2010, so we could keep in touch with family and friends, and they could see where we are and what we are doing. I thought the beginning posts would be about packing up, planning our route, and how to save money for a trip of this magnitude, but it’s turned into something else entirely. I am now posting about random things that I find interesting like vegan cooking and recipes, sustainable living, handmade product reviews from Etsy, and whatever else that inspires me to rant. I don’t really think anyone is listening…yet.

Self1: And what will you do once you are out west?

Self2: We will be working on organic farms for our room and board through an organization called WWOOF. There are also a few places along the way that we would like to visit. It’s going to be challenging, not just in general but because we are also bringing along our 2 mutts! We have no idea what we are doing, but that’s what makes it fun!

Self1:  What made you decide to do that?

Self2:  It’s complicated, you can read more about it on our travel blog, The Traveling Circus.   It just seems like our life’s path is leading us.  Everything is pointing us towards taking this trip.  It’s weird.

Self1: Anything else you want to add?

Self2: Yeah, how come you get to be Self #1?

Self1: Well, I’m the one that started this interview. I was first. What difference does it make?

Self2: Well, I’m the one who writes the posts. I should be #1.

Self1: Fine, you’re number one. Do you always argue with yourself like this?

Self1 (formerly Self2): Yes. Thank you.



  1. You’re cute 🙂

    • well, thanks! 😉

  2. LOL love the interview!

    • thanks, nikki! both of my selves thought it was pretty clever. 😉

  3. Just wanted to say thanks for the post on our new website!!!not bad for a college project ehh???ne ideas???ne help is greatly appreciated!!

    frauke and edel

    • thanks for stopping buy, guys! and all the way from ireland, too! lol… ~w

  4. Great site, with lots of valuable information and some good laughs. I organize a vegan/vegetarian group a little south from you in Augusta. Would you mind if I linked your blog on our site? I know some of our members would greatly enjoy it.

    • i would be honored! i’m glad your enjoying my little blog enough to recommend to people… i wish we had a group like that up here in the mountains… 😉 ~w

      • It’s the least I can do to support my new online veggie friend.

        I’ll bet the choices where you’re at are lacking. It’s too bad there isn’t a group. The support system is one of the best things I could’ve asked for.

      • awww, thanks! i would start a veg group up here, but we may be leaving soon…

      • Yeah, I read that…it’s the reason you started the blog, right? Maybe there will be a group or two where you’re going.

  5. Wow – love your site, Wendy – ‘looking forward to exploring it more. Thanks for visitng my fledgling blog – I’d love to add yours to my blogroll, if that’s okay?

    • of course that’s ok! thanks for visiting…

  6. Loved the interview! And I know what you mean about a crossroads. I can only imagine what your trip is going to be like. I’ve also been fantasizing about a West coast trip… one day. Have a blast and take lots of photos. 😉

    • thanks for stopping by, tara, and for commenting! we can only imagine what it will be like, and of course, it will be nothing like we imagine. and don’t worry, i will be taking plenty of photos!

  7. Totally love your blog – it’s now featured prominently (as much as my stifling “theme” will allow anyway) on my blogroll. Keep up the educatainment (educational entertainment)!

    Lil’ Vegan

    • aww, thanks you lil vegan you!

  8. Hi!
    You very kindly commented on my blog today and I wanted to come over and thank you for that, and what a great blog you have here!
    I’m wondering if you’d fancy doing an interview about vegan life for my blog, with a link back to your site of course?
    You can contact me at katiektk@hotmail.co.uk
    Thanks again, and have a great day!

    • and thank you, katie, for the kind comment! i will email you right now…
      😉 w

      • You’re welcome!
        I haven’t had an email from you yet?

  9. LOL! Love it!

    • both of my selves thank you for the compliment.

  10. Hello! Great blog -thanks…

    • thx!

  11. Hehehe you’re so funny. I love your blog! It’s awesome. And wow, you’re starting a road trip around the same time that I am, and we’re both headed for the West coast with real, sustainable food in mind! That’s neat. I need to stay tuned. I have no idea where the North Georgia Mountains are but, who knows, we may cross paths 😉

    By the way, thanks for stopping over at my blog =)

    • thanks for stopping by and commenting, Kate! maybe we’ll see you on the road…

  12. When do you start your trip? I’m absolutely eager to hear all about it!

    • it’s looking like it’s going to be soon. probably in the next month or soon. i will be keeping a separate blog for that, now that this one has been taken over by food! i will announce the other blog as soon as i get it up and looking nice. thanks for asking!

  13. My cousin uses Wwoofers on her farm up in WA State…lots of work, but hands in the dirt and good food and company.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog earlier today.


    • i love being dirty, i mean, getting my hands in the dirt. what’s the name of your cousin’s farm?
      and thank you for stopping by and commenting!

      • Check out http://brigidsgarden.blogspot.com/ …not vegan, though…

      • oh that’s ok, we plan on visiting farms that aren’t vegan. we can’t really be that picky, especially with 2 dogs in tow and it being so late in the season. i won’t participate in animal slaughter, though. thanks for the link!

  14. Stop in Phoenix on your way out west and eat at Green! There are some tables outside so you can dine with the dogs! And Sprinkles has dog cupcakes too!

    • wow, this sounds great! i will definitely add it to our destination list… thanks for commenting, 4legs!

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