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Unrealistic purity… or weakness?

In my struggle to be a “pure” vegan, I’ve decided to give myself a break.  Especially now since my kitchen is packed up and I am not in as much control of my food as before.  Yes, I have had some cheese recently, even though I know the evils of the dairy industry.  However, I choose to not think of myself as the devil.  I have to do what is right for me, and although I would love it if 100% of my meals were vegan, sometimes I have to settle for vegetarian.  This is a topic of controversy among vegans and non-vegans.  But, if I am going to stick with this and not give up entirely, I can’t put unrealistic goals on myself.  Check out this article from Vegan Outreach that echos this sentiment.

We leave for our road trip Friday morning.  AAAHHHH and YYYAAAAY!

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Hello, peoples!  Just wanted to let you know that Vision Quest will be on a hiatus of sorts.  Next week we leave for our big road trip, and I’m not sure what kind of time I will have to post here.  Hopefully I will be back posting soon.  Thanks for all the comments and info sharing!


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“But animals are killed in the harvesting of plants!”

Time and time again I have seen this idea used as an argument against veganism, or more accurately, as a defense for eating meat.   Here are my thoughts on why this doesn’t work…

First, to me this really isn’t a valid argument for eating meat, it’s an argument against the factory farming of vegetables.  Yes, animals are unintentionally killed during the harvesting of some fruits and vegetables.  So I should start eating meat then?  I fail to see the connection. 

Second, the amount of animals accidentally killed to harvest grain to feed me is far less than the number of animals accidentally killed to harvest the grain to feed the meat eater’s “food” animals, plus the animals intentionally killed for the meat itself.  Not to mention the kind of lives that livestock live.  Want to see concrete numbers?  Check out this chart here*.

Third, as many have said before and I will again say here, it’s about reducing the amount of suffering, avoiding it as far is as possible and practical, not being perfect.  That is an unrealistic goal.  There is no perfect vegan.  Are the people who use this argument suggesting that we stop eating alltogether?  Should we never leave our houses again for fear we may step on an ant and kill it?  Of course that is ridiculous.  Don’t do nothing because you can’t do everything.  Do something. 

Check out this thoughtful answer  to this question on and also another very well written answer here on yahoo answers.

Although I realize it is not feasible for everyone, this is part of the reason why I like to grow my own food.  In 2009 we grew a fabulous organic veggie garden that fed us all summer, and we even canned some pickles!  I hope to be more of a homesteader in the future.

*I was surprised to see the number so low for milk production, and after reading the explanation I discovered that the calves born as a result of the dairy industry were not included in the numbers.

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Raising Animals for Meat

I grew up in South Florida.  This meant we had a boat, and did some diving and fishing.  When we would go fishing, I remember putting my pole in at the front of the boat, while everyone else fished off the back.  When I caught a fish, I would make sure no one was watching, and throw it back into the ocean.  I didn’t want the fish to end up as our dinner, but I also wanted to fit in by pretending to enjoy fishing.  Of course, I couldn’t save all the fish.  But I saved the ones I was catching. Read More…

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Peaceable Kingdom

A riveting story of transformation and healing, PEACEABLE KINGDOM: THE JOURNEY HOME explores the awakening conscience of several people who grew up in traditional farming culture and who have now come to question the basic premises of their inherited way of life.

Does anyone know where we can watch this 78 minute documentary online?  I would love to watch it in it’s entirety.  Tried to embed this… it wouldn’t let me.  Click below to see the trailer.

Peaceable Kingdom

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