Posted by: conradvisionquest | March 13, 2011

The Honeymoon is Over?

When I first became vegetarian a year ago and eventually vegan, I was full of enthusiasm and curiosity. I wanted to know anything and everything about being vegan, food issues, and of course, yummy recipes. These days that enthusiasm has gone from boiling to a simmer, and I am settling in to a lifestyle that works best for me. Life happens, and things change.

One thing that hasn’t changed is my love for animals. And although my goal at every meal is for it to be vegan, this sometimes does not happen. I won’t apologize for this, as I am doing what is going to be sustainable for me. I won’t go into the boring specifics here of what I am doing or not doing, but I will say that I am not as black and white as I was when I first started. The past me would have reprimanded the current me for the choices I am making today, but I can’t dwell on that.

I can only refer to Donald Watson’s definition of vegan that I have noted here in the past, which is…

“a philosophy and way of living which seeks to exclude — as far as is possible and practical — all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose; and by extension, promotes the development and use of animal-free alternatives for the benefit of humans, animals and the environment .”

Does this mean I am trying to give myself a loop hole to do whatever I want? Some would say that. All I can say is that through this journey I have educated myself and become aware of things that I was not before, and this knowledge and consciousness is shaping who I am and how I live. I try to make all my decisions based on compassion for myself and for the animals.

In other news, a few of you have been wondering where I have been… thanks for that! Since leaving for our western trip last year, there have been so many changes.  We eventually landed on the Treasure Coast of Florida, and I am now pursuing my dream of becoming a professional photographer!  Life is good.

Soon I hope to purchase this cookbook I have had my eye on, “Supermarket Vegan.” It is available through one of my favorite charities, Farm Sanctuary. They have others that I am eyeballing, “Vegan on the Cheap” and “The 4 Ingredient Vegan.” All of these titles I hope to have in my cookbook arsenal soon.  Once I start cooking from these recipes I will post here.

I would love to hear how your journey to live a more compassionate lifestyle is going! And as always, drop a line if you have a question or yummy recipe to share. I must now tend to my black beans and rice.



  1. Hey!
    Long time no see! We missed you. I’m glad to hear you are doing fantastic and hopefully you’ll get a chance to blog more often now that you’re settled ;)?
    I’m doing just fine myself, I have totally stopped blogging too, mostly because I’m so busy with my Masters degree and don’t work at my old office job anymore where I had so much free time to blog 🙂 Another news, I’m pregnant now (20 weeks-Yey!) and continuing to cook only vegan. I am also not superstrict anymore, mostly because I am hungry every two options and nutricious vegan foods are just not available everywhere like I wish they were. I do not eat meat though and try really hard to limit my exposure to dairy (it just seems to be everywhere these days!).
    You have a great day wherever you are and once again I’m very happy to hear from you!

  2. p.s. you make beautiful photos by the way!

    • thank you blissful bee! sounds like you have been a busy bee… good luck with the Masters and CONGRATULATIONS on your little one!


  3. Yay, Wendy! It’s so good to see you on here. I’m so glad to hear that things are going well for you. Your pictures are stunning!!

    And you are absolutely right that you have to settle into a lifestyle that works for you. My husband and I try to eat vegan whenever possible and do so almost 100 percent of the time at home, but we’re more relaxed about it when we do go out to eat or over to someone’s home for dinner. I’m sure hardcore vegans would be quick to judge us over that, but whatever. You have to do what works for you!

    • yay, amanda! thanks for checking out my photography web site…

      and as always, thanks for commenting. it’s sometimes nice to know i am not talking to myself. i still follow your blog but have been bad about commenting… shame on me!


  4. Love the picture in your header. Glad you are doing well. I’m in Tampa. If you ever get out this way, let me know.

    • thanks for stopping by and the kind words! ~w

  5. Great Post!

    I became a vegetarian a year ago also and have been more vegan than not – but I too have been more forgiving of myself if I chose to have an egg or a bit of cheese (funny though, when I eat dairy, my stomach does not feel great!). I still don’t eat meat and have no plans to do so at this time.

    I commend you on speaking and seeking your truth! We only have ourselves to answer to at the end of the day and as we know judging others choices never ends well, instead setting the example for healthy eating/living and naturally others will want to know “what’s your secret?”!!!

    Have a wonderful day!!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Jenn! I always love hearing from like-minded veggies. Thanks for commenting…

  6. Hey woman, where’d you go?

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