Posted by: conradvisionquest | December 5, 2010

Suprise, Surprise!

And not the good kind. Check out this article about surprising products that contain animal ingredients.

Kitchen Update: For those of you who don’t know, we finally have moved out of my parents house and I now have my very own (rented, hehe) kitchen! Even so, I am still not back into my old routine yet of cooking up a storm and trying new recipes to write about, but that will be coming soon. Thanks for all of the words of encouragement while we had to share a household and a kitchen with my meat-eating parents! Stay tuned…



  1. That is great news, Wendy! I’m sure you’ll be back into the swing of things very soon. I’m looking forward to seeing some delicious food on here!

  2. Congrats on the Room (er, Kitchen) of Your Own!

  3. Wendy, I just wanted to say I miss your blog posts, so I hope you resume posting soon! I’m not one to talk – I haven’t even looked at my blog in months – but I do enjoy reading the blogs of others, especially yours!

    Hope all is well in your world 🙂

  4. I second what Esther said! I hope you are doing well:)

  5. thanks, gals! new post coming soon…

  6. Bad surprises indeed :-(( Animal parts in Shampoo? In fire works? That is just… sick. Especially the fact that probably 95% of the population or more are completely unaware of it.

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