Posted by: conradvisionquest | June 9, 2010

We Did This.

I have been grappling with my feelings over the recent oil spill.  Helplessness, horror, anger, and sorrow.  I couldn’t put all the chaos going on in my head into words.  I often find others can articulate what I am feeling better than anything I could write myself.  I came across a blog post from the Animal Rights & Antioppression blog entitled “Their Faces Will Haunt Us” that inspired me.

Read it and let it inspire you.



  1. Anger. Undirected, unfocused, incredible remorseless anger.

    Someone has to pay, and fucking fast.

    • Agreed. but the sad part is the earth, and subsequently the human race, is already paying for mistakes a few money hungry CEOs and politicians made and continue to make. the only ones who can make them pay is the public. we must demand alternative forms of energy for our cars and everything else. let’s get off our asses people! also, let’s seek them out and spill oil on them! who’s with me?

  2. Fuck, and we’re stupid enough to attempt to clog the thing with FUCKING TRASH.
    How stupid are we? Really?

    And then I guess appreantly we just found ANOTHER one in the same area.
    Lovely. Grand. Fucking idiots.

    • you’ve said a mouthful, riss!


  3. Ugh, heartbreaking. I’ve been completely obsessed with the spill lately, and I blogged about it recently too ( I wonder if it will take something even worse, like the extinction of numerous species, before the people and the government make the necessary changes.

    • awesome post, lindsay! thanks for the link. anyone reading this should definitely check it out.


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