Posted by: conradvisionquest | May 31, 2010

Odds ~n~ Ends

No recipes or earth shattering commentary today. Just some odds and ends that I’ve been wanting to mention.

I am a big fan of podcasts. Bill Maher, Larry King, and Colleen Patrick Goudreau’s Vegetarian Food for Thought are a few of my faves. Here’s another one I have recently discovered…

Food For Thought– Not to be confused with Colleen’s podcast, this one is put on by a 14 year old New Zealander. I didn’t discover he was that young until I had listened to a couple of episodes, and I must say I was shocked! I was worried about kissing boys and planning my outfits for the week when I was his age, not food politics and informing the public. You can download off itunes.

In response to the comment “But they’re just animals,” I’ve dug up these stories about animals that have somehow escaped the reason why they were born in the first place.  These guys and gals are like the “rebels with a cause” of their species.  These stories illustrate that animals, just like us, would rather live if given the choice.  Some of these articles are a few years old, but still are poignant.  Hope you enjoy. 

Molly the Cow escapes slaughter

Maxine the Cow escapes slaughter

A different Molly the Cow escapes slaughter

Piglets escape, twice

Runaway goat!


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