Posted by: conradvisionquest | May 7, 2010

My Body is a Wonderland

The original title of this post was Ch Ch Changes after the David Bowie song.  But everyone uses that, and I didn’t want to be trite.  So I settled on this one.  John Mayer may seemingly be an ass (or is he just freakishly hilarious?), and his more commercial stuff is kinda bubble gummy, but I dig his blues-y stuff.  He really is a talented guitar player and songwriter.  I’m sure I will be catching some hell for saying that.  But I don’t mind having the unpopular opinion.

I wanted to talk a little bit about the ch-ch-changes I have been experiencing since eating a vegan diet for a few months. The first thing I noticed was of course, I lost some of the junk in my trunk. I lost those pesky few pounds I put on a few Thanksgivings ago that never wanted to leave. My tight jeans fit. My loose jeans are looser. Weird.

Second thing I noticed was my sleeping. I’ve always been big on sleep. If I’m tired, I go to sleep. I don’t care if it’s only 8:30. I also wake up pretty early. This hasn’t changed. What has changed is the dreaming. I hardly ever remembered my dreams before, but now, I wake up and remember my dreams every single morning.  I also noticed waking up less during the night to change positions.  I came across this blog post, which suggests that maybe I am sleeping more deeply and/or efficiently.  But, I feel just as rested/not rested as I did before.

Third rhymes with…. ok, I won’t get too gross.  I’ll just say that I am alot more regular.  And frequent. In real life I love to talk about poop, but I won’t do that here. (you’re welcome)

This is not me, but I sooo want this outfit.

Another change I have noticed is my perception of the world. Things that never bothered me before, I am now seeing with different eyes. Examples are certain commercials (ie the “Go Meat” campaign), the meat section of the grocery store, and people eating meat in front of me.  It’s weird how everything looks and feels different, and yet nothing has changed.  I don’t expect everything outside of me to change just because I did.  I’m still kinda feeling my way around.  It’s interesting.

Some other things I’ve noticed:  I didn’t magically transform into an irrational, militant, fake-blood spiller.  I’m still pretty laid back.  I appreciate my dogs more.  I appreciate nature more.  I feel full inside.  I still laugh and sing and dance with my tu-tu on.  I’m not curled up in the corner overcome with grief about the animals, wishing I could just have a hot dog.  I’m the same person.  I’m just more thoughtful about what I eat.  And I love to discover new recipes.  I’m actually enjoying cooking now.  That I would have never believed.

Thing that didn’t change, but that I thought would change:  My energy level is the same.  I’ve read many accounts from new vegans stating how they have all this new energy.  Not me.  But I know this is because I don’t get enough excercise and probably need to eat more calories. 

What about you guys?  Any noticeable changes after changing your diets?  Please do tell.



  1. Ditto on everything!! I lost about 10 pounds when I went vegan and that certainly had nothing to do with exercise (I’m with you on the energy thing–I need to exercise more). And I lost that weight even while making (and eating) a ridiculous amount of vegan desserts. And while my skin isn’t perfect, it definitely looks a lot better than it did before.

    But I do feel more peaceful, more happy, and just more content in general. And, like you, I fell in love with cooking when I went vegan. I know I keep saying this, but it was the best decision that my husband and I ever made.

    • i am definitely glad that i finally changed my lifestyle. i’ve been wanting to for years, but was intimidated. thanks for the comment, amanda!

  2. I can totally agree with points two and three above (and I am particularly grateful for the regularity aspect, as that makes life seem … um … lighter), but I have found that I have managed to gain weight after switching to a vegan diet. Yet, my clothes all still fit well. So somehow I’m gaining weight without gaining mass. Weird.

    I also find that I’m not on a militant campaign to promote veganism, but I am turned off now by the smell of meat products, and I love that I am so excited about food now.

    Great post!

    • thanks for your comment, Jessie!

  3. Hey! Sounds like everything is going great for you! Yay!

    Well even though I went vegan a couple years ago, I know that I’ve most definitely started eating healthier and I just generally feel better.

    I never felt like I had more energy, but I do feel less tired.

    I just all around feel like a more compassionate person who stands up for what I believe in by just eating something different. Anyways, I’m glad to have found your blog!

    • thanks for stopping by and commenting, krazy!
      😉 w

  4. Sorry I took so long to finally have a look at your blog love, after you’ve commented both of mine.

    Anyway, this post is great! Everything you say is true of veganism… weight loss (to the health weight ranges), better sleep, dreaming, regular bowels, enjoying cooking, appreciating nature more, feeling different/more compassionate. Exactly how everything changed for me too. I’ve been vegan for a couple of years now and it just amazes me how much more ‘myself’, I feel. Like I’ve found who I am, I guess. I’m guessing this is how you’re feeling too?

    Anyways, great post! x x

    • yep, that’s it! thanks for checking out the blog and commenting!

  5. This post gets five stars.

    I love you for this! Every vegan I know has a story like this.
    Being vegan really is this amazing and everyone needs to atleast TRY it.
    For me, my skin has cleared up, my stubborn last 10 pounds I needed to lose vanished, and I have so much more energy.

    Poop talk is amazing. I saw a bumber sticker one time that said something like, “Vegan means I poop 3x a day…”

    • and i love you for commenting! now i feel all warm and fuzzy inside 🙂
      funny bumper sticker. 3 times is about right.

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