Posted by: conradvisionquest | April 26, 2010

Meet the Girls: Camille

I thought I was done with taking in homeless dogs. Then one stormy spring day in 2006, the universe decided otherwise.

I was working at a vineyard & winery at the time. It was a stormy spring Saturday afternoon, and we had just gotten pelted with pretty big sized hail. It was a rotten day, and not that busy with customers in the tasting room. I had just finished up giving a couple a wine tasting, and it wasn’t 10 minutes before they were back in the parking lot. They came back in with two handfuls of puppy, covered in orange, Georgia clay mud, and cute as can be. Camille and her brother, not even six weeks old, had been dumped along the side of the road to fend for themselves. The concerned couple happened to see them, although I don’t know how because they were so small, and picked them up. I was smitten.

I took Camille with me that night, and named her on the way home. I remember putting her in the back seat, and looking at her in the rear view mirror, and telling her that I think her name is Camille. I think it was really the other way around. Her middle name (yes, I am that crazy dog lady that gives her dogs middle names) is Claret, which is a type of wine grape.

I guess you can tell how Elsie felt about the new addition from this photo.

I wasn’t too sure how the husband was going to react, as we had not seriously discussed getting another dog. But I knew once he saw her he would fall in love just like I did. He got home a few hours after me. When I saw him pull in, I put Camille in my hand (yes, she was that small!) and hid her behind my back. I made my way to the driveway to meet him. It went something like this…

Me: Ok, you can say no if you want. This doesn’t have to be permanent, and I know we haven’t discussed it, but lookit!!!
(I pull Camille out from behind my back, and I’m grinning from ear to ear)

Camille: (looking all sleepy and puppy-ish and irresistably cute)

Husband: (surprised look, then stares, then the stare turns into a smile)

Me: (mission accomplished)

Soon Elsie and Camille became buddies.

Now we had three dogs in the house: Sasha, the Queen B… Elsie, her loyal but annoying sister… and now Camille, who was so young she was just clueless. We only had all three for a few months. We let go of Sasha in August 2006 after the cancerous tumor in her palate had grown so big it was affecting her nervous system. Hardest thing we have ever done.

Anyway, Camille is the little sister, but she is definitely the alpha female. She is a bubbly, happy girl that has brought hours of laughter to our lips and kisses to our faces. She is what we call “a handful,” but at the end of the day, I wouldn’t have it any other way. And while I can’t make a difference to every single homeless pet that exists, and can sure make one hell of a difference to my two girls.

Full Name: Camille Claret
Aliases: MiMi, Meemers, Milla, Mi
DOB: 4.11.08 (estimated)
Weight: 38 lbs.
Description: Looks like a cross between Bambi and an Italian greyhound. Dainty in appearance, but a tom boy. Will be the first to roll around in shit. Independent. Fearless. Fast runner. Knows the “happy dance” and does it often. Likes the taste of my tears. Let’s her sister do the barking for her. Likes to play constantly. Will tolerate a pedicure.  Sits like a proper lady. Can get pushy if she doesn’t get what she wants. An adventurer.



  1. She’s so cute. Speaking of dogs my aunt’s yellow lab, Sammy, will be returning home today after a surgery to remove a tumor in his spleen. Yay for Sammy!

    • double YAY for Sammy!

  2. Awwww…Wendy! I love your dogs! I love their names too… Too much cuteness! You’re such a sucker for cuteness. I’m way beyond that. I’m totally unmoved by adorable, furry, fuzzy, slobbery and silly creatures! Yup, I don’t give a rat’s – oh who the hell am I kidding???!!!!!!! I want to squeeze pudgy little Elsie’s belly and do a tap dance with Camille! 🙂

    • that’s so funny that you say you wanna tap dance with Camille…. she actually does tap dances when she wants to go outside! weird. i swear sometimes you are in my head!

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