Posted by: conradvisionquest | April 16, 2010

Time for another episode of… Is It VEGAN!!!

Yes, I know how excited you are to play this game again.  If you missed the first episode, you can check it out here.  Ok, you know the drill… I list some items, you guess if they are vegan or not (without peeking at the answers given at the end).  Alright, hands on buzzers. Ready, set, go!

1. Robert Mondavi Red Wine

2. 4C Seasoned Breadcrumbs

3. Funyuns

4. Animal Crackers

5. Pillsbury Pizza Dough

6. Worcestershire sauce

7. Kraft Original BBQ Sauce

8. Red Truck Wines

I hope you are having as much fun as these ladies are!

Ok, buzzers down.

1. Robert Mondavi Red Wine- Not Vegan! Most wines use animal-derived ingredients in the clarification process.  They’ve been doing it for thousands of years.  But there are some great vegan wines out there.  Just ask your local wine shop or you can find a comprehensive list here.

2. 4C Breadcrumbs- Not Vegan!  These contain eggs.  Who woulda thunk it?  My health food store carries vegan bread crumbs, or you can look online.

3. Funyuns- Not Vegan!  Turns out Funyuns are not fun for dairy cows.  These contain milk derived ingredients.

4. Animal Crackers- Vegan!  Animal crackers are not made with animals.  Shocking!

5. Pillsbury Pizza Dough- Vegan!  This is the dough I use for all my at-home pizza baking.  Mmmm, I love pizza.

6. Worcestershire sauce- Not Vegan!  There are anchovies in this condiment, but vegan versions are available.  I found this kind at my health food store, and can’t tell the difference.

7. Kraft Original BBQ Sauce- Vegan! Whatever you want to slather this on, be it veggie burgers, tofu, or fries, you can do it without breaking a vegan diet.

8. Red Truck Wines- Vegan! I was so happy to learn this, because I’ve enjoyed their wines even before going vegan.  You can learn more about it here.

So, how’d you do? Any surprises? Comment below, peeps.

Note:  Sources, and people, can be wrong.  Even though I am anal about posting the most accurate information here, sometimes I am misinformed.  If you find any of the information here to be inaccurate, please let me know!



  1. Eww. I always hated Funyans! I do use the Pillsbury Pizza Dough occasionally. I was tickled when I found that Worcestershire sauce on one of our trips out to “the big city”. My husband uses it to make a delicious BBQ sauce. I LOVE ANIMAL CRACKERS, when I eat them, I always think of that awful joke. I haven’t ever had anything else on your list though. This is definitely a fun game. I want to play again!

    • then check out episode one! that worcestershire sauce is awesome! i just marinated some portobello mushrooms in it last might and made sandwiches… yum!

  2. I can’t believe that I did not know about Pillsbury Pizza Dough being vegan.. I usually make my own pizza dough so this is good to know. I love animal crackers but I just feel weird eating them sometimes especially when I bite the head off of the tiger or something lol.

    • yeah, that pizza dough comes in so handy when i want to make a quick dinner. i always keep at least one in the fridge.

  3. I knew most of the vegan ones because of my son’s food allergies–I’ve been reading labels for dairy and egg products for 4 years now, and I’m often amazed at what has those ingredients and what doesn’t. I am shocked about the Worcestershire sauce–I nearly added that to my quinoa burgers tonight, so I’m glad now that I resisted the temptation. That’s tricky.

    • thanks for playing!

  4. I LOVE red truck wine!! I’ve been drinking it for a long time…
    …ok…makes me sound like I might have a problem.
    I’ll rephrase….when I opt for a glass of wine (which is usually about once a month), I’ll go for red truck.
    Such a wonderful wine! And not too expensive either!
    Thanks for the test! 🙂

    • and thank you for playing!

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