Posted by: conradvisionquest | April 6, 2010

You care what I have to say? Crazy.

Just wanted to share the link to my first interview (of many, haha! maybe).  Check it out on Katie’s blog, Healthy Nutrition Expert. Enjoy!



  1. Good girl Wen!!!!!! I am so excited that you joined the “veg side”….. LOL!!! You know how much I enjoy being a vegetarian!!! Wish you were still here so we could be veggie pals!!!


    • i know, i miss you too and think of you often. especially when i make rice! i would sooo be your veggie BFF. i need a veggie pal, as everyone up here thinks it’s sinful not to eat meat. thanks for commenting…
      xoxoxox wendy

  2. Your interview already has a comment about how useful your advice was!
    You have a great message to share Wendy!
    Katie 🙂

    • thanks, Katie!

      • Yes, Wendy. Great advice. You provide such a wonderful refuge from the misinformation non-veggies love to spread. Thanks.

      • sean, you are kind. thanks for making me feel like i’m doing this not just for my enormous ego. 😉

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