Posted by: conradvisionquest | March 29, 2010

“You’re a Plant Murderer”-Shattering the Myths

I never thought that food would be such a touchy subject!  Food and its related industries are very political, I am learning, and gets people to have heated discussions about why going vegetarian or vegan is a good or bad idea.  Myths about vegetarianism and living vegan are definitely alive and well.  Once I started questioning where my food came from and how it was “processed,” it was inevitable that I would eventually end up vegan.  Anyhoo, in my “research” I have come across some great writings that address the various myths and arguments that exist out there, and I thought I would share them with you.  These people can articulate what I know in my heart to be true so much better than I can.

Myth #1: Vegans are radical, militant, and/or pushy. I thought that, too, before I started eating like one!  Funny thing, I didn’t turn into a radical at all by cutting out meat and dairy.  I can be a little bitchy, though.  But that’s always been true.  I came across this brilliant article the other day (thanks to the vegan girl next door) that is so well written, there is no need for me to add to it.  This, for me, sums it up.

Who You Callin Vegangelical?

Myth #2: A vegan diet is unnatural.  We are designed to eat meat. I’ve also been involved in an online discussion with someone about how a vegan diet is “unnatural” and that we are “designed to eat animal products.”  In researching for that discussion, I came across this article that explains why that is a myth.

Shattering the Meat Myth: Humans are Natural Vegetarians

Myth #3: Plants have feelings, too.  Don’t you care about them? I have not personally come across this point of view (yet), but I’m sure it’s common.  Here are some great articles that address that statement.

“Plants Feel Pain” Argument is Faulty

Dear NY Times Editor: Surely you are joking!

Myth #4: “But if everyone stops eating animals, cows will take over the WORLD!” Really? Ok, I am soooooo biting my tongue right now that I can taste the blood. Ew.  I read a blog post recently that really lit my face on fire.   This blog, which shall remain nameless, claimed (among other things that sounded ridiculous to me)that “To allow livestock to procreate on their own will lead to more animals to compete with humans.”  You know, just the other day I was pushing a cow out of the way so I could graze in her pasture!  This one is a perfect example of considering the source of your information, because this post was written by a farmer, who has something to gain by people continuing to eat meat.  But, not all farmers share this point of view.  Check out Farmer Brown on .  Ok, here is the article to debunk this myth.

There are many other myths out there about veg*nism, but these are the ones that have come across my path recently, and I found these awesome articles to go with them.  If you have some great articles to share I would love to read them!

Ellen Degeneres was recently interviewed by Katie Couric.  In this interview, Ellen is masterful in explaining why she chose to go vegan, and I felt like she was invading my brain!  Her words so beautifully illustrate how I feel, I thought I would include this snippet here (I apologize for the quality, you may have to turn the sound up on your computer, but this was the only version I could find of this particular clip)

Ellen on being vegan

I was so impressed with these articles and Ellen’s words that I have included all of these links on the sidebar of the blog.  I hope you will read them and pass them along to friends.



  1. I love your blog! Your posts are so insightful and informative. Like I mentioned in a previous post, I’m certainly not a perfect vegan (I have my dairy slip-ups here and there), but your posts really make me want to be a better vegan.

    • i’m just tickled that people are reading this stuff! i don’t think anyone can be a “perfect vegan.” animal products are in everything! (did you know there are animal products in our tires and roads? but it would be impractical to stop driving or riding a bike) i just hope i get people to start thinking about what they are eating. that is the first step to making better choices, not just for ourselves, but for everyone. and this blog helps me too, because in writing these posts it reminds me why i went vegan in the first place. hmm, this is inspiring another post…

  2. I can’t wait to read it:)

  3. Wow! What a great post! I’m going to post it on the message board for my veggie group. I know they’ll love it. Thanks for posting.

    • hey, thanks for reading and liking! and sharing… 😉

  4. love your blog. great information.. def. want to keep in touch!

    thanks for your comment on my blog. started making vegan food with a friend of mine and the response so far has been fantastic. people are so excited to eat food that’s healthy and beneficial to their bodies, as well as the earth.

    looking forward to sharing more information with you in the future.


    • hey, thanks for stopping by. veronica! and thanks for the kind words. i would love to stay in touch and trade recipes! i love food.

  5. Hi my friend! I made your peanut sauce last night! We were all out of food, except for a few condiments, and some dry pasta. Well, I made the sauce (YUM!!) and spooned it over cooked pasta, and it turned out great! Now I’m going shopping to grab some veggies, and add them to the mix. Love ya!

    • i think i could just eat that peanut sauce like it’s soup. glad you liked it my friend!

  6. Great blog! Everything you wrote was clear and well stated…we vegans are judged hastily and based on nonsense! Love the blog keep it up! 🙂

    • thanks for the lovely comment!

  7. Hey Wendy,

    awesome post! I wish I could update my blog as often 🙂 Thank you so much for the Ellen interview link – I’ve shared it with everyone of Facebook and Twitter! Gotta write something about Ellen on my blog as well, she deserves it 🙂

    • yeah, i have a lot of free time… can you tell! 😉 thanks for commenting…

  8. Lovely post. The plant argument for me has always incited a response of hair-pulling and growling…

    • lol! i usually resort to eye poking and cartoon steam coming out of my ears…

  9. I absolutely agree! It’s difficult for me not to immediately get rude when the “You must be really unhealthy, since you don’t get any protein” comments rush in, especially since I live in the Midwest, right in the heart of Dairyland.

    • i hear you… i live in the bible belt, farm country. there is a slaughter house on my way to work and cattle farms and chicken houses all around. i have to bite my tongue alooooot! but, i also try and remember i was a myth-believer at one time, too. thanks for stopping by and commenting!

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