Posted by: conradvisionquest | March 17, 2010

Time to play… Is it VEGAN?!

In finding my way with this new lifestyle, I am getting an education about all sorts of things.  I have been surprised by what I am discovering.

So, I thought with all these surprises I would make a little game out of it.  Dorky idea? Yes.  Fun? For dorks like me, absolutely!  So here’s the list.  Read it over and decide if you think the item is vegan (no animal byproducts) or not.  Answers given at the end.  No cheating, suckas!  Ready, go!

1. Oreos Cookies
2. Hunt’s Manwich Sloppy Joe Sauce
3. Bacos Bacon Bits
4. Morningstar Farms Meat Alternatives
5. Galaxy Veggie Slices
6. Dark Chocolate
7. McDonald’s French Fries

Did you sing the theme from Jeopardy! in your head?  I did.  Alright, contestants, here are the answers…

1. Oreos- Vegan! These classic cookies used to contain whey (milk byproduct) but they took it out a couple of years ago.  Paul Newman also makes an oreo-type cookie that is probably healthier.  His Newman-O’s do not contain high fructose corn syrup, Oreos do.

2. Manwich Sauce- Vegan! Yep, this Sloppy Joe sauce is all vegan, until you mix it with the suggested pound of ground beef. Ew.  However, you can use it with vegan burger crumbles for an awesome vegan sandwich!

3. Bacos- Vegan! Holy crap, when I was reminded that these were vegan I ran to the store to get some.  I love these on a salad with some vegan Thousand Island dressing (recipe for that later!)  Are they healthy? Probably not.

4. Morningstar Farms meat alternatives- Depends. Unless it specifically says “vegan” on the package, it probably isn’t.  From what I have read, they have recently been adding milk and eggs to previously vegan products, and have discontinued some vegan products altogether.  Just to be safe, and because I don’t have the patience to read the list of a million ingredients to look for the code words for dairy products, I just get something else.  I’m not a fan of the over-processed fake meat anyway, but the huz loves the Boca Vegan Burgers.  I prefer to make the simple, delicious, and low ingredient count Black Bean Burgers.

5. Galaxy Veggie Slices- Not Vegan. These contain casein, which is a milk protein.  This surprised me because if you are going to put dairy in cheese, why not just make it real cheese? (*see below)  I think this could be misleading for people.  It was for me, I bought these once thinking they would be vegan.  Galaxy does make vegan cheese, but my grocery doesn’t carry it.  Tofutti makes wonderful vegan cheese slices, and until I find something better, I’m sticking with those.

6. Dark Chocolate- Vegan! Milk chocolate, however, is not for obvious reasons.  I am not a fan of chocolate, so you guys can have my share.

7. McDonald’s French Fries- Not vegan. From the most recent info I could find, McDonald’s uses beef flavoring in their fries (United States) but apparently not in the UK.  I haven’t been to a McDonald’s in years, and never plan to go back (did you see Super Size Me?), so it’s not really a concern for me.

*Speaking of cheese, another interesting fact I learned is that most cheeses are not even vegetarian!  Cheese is often made with rennet or rennin, which is made from the stomachs of calves.  I know, horrific and gross.  This is why they make “vegetarian” cheese, which may contain dairy but no cow stomach. (ew)

Well, how’d you do?  Were you surprised?  As I explore being vegan, I am getting a real education about where food comes from and what it’s made of.  And the voices inside my head say, “If people only knew what they were eating.  Why didn’t I go looking for this information sooner?” I guess it’s like they say: You don’t know what you don’t know.

Note:  Sources, and people, can be wrong.  Even though I am anal about posting the most accurate information here, sometimes I am misinformed.  If you find any of the information here to be inaccurate, please let me know!

Look for tomorrow’s BONUS post: Orgasmic Cheesecake Recipe!



  1. This was fun…missed the oreos.:) might have to go get some now!

  2. Oreos? Really? I wish I didn’t know that lol!!!

  3. yes, OREOS! it’s crazy how many “regular” foods are vegan, but people just don’t think about it.

  4. I love this game!

    • hehe, i might do another one later.

  5. Fun! I must be a dork, too, because I love stuff like this. And oreos? Who knew! I know what I’m getting the next time I go to the grocery store.

    • i know. i almost think that the information i got must somehow be wrong, because oreos can’t possibly be vegan. but it’s true. i hope to put together another game soon! thanks for stopping by…

  6. […] excited you are to play this game again.  If you missed the first episode, you can check it out here.  Ok, you know the drill… I list some items, you guess if they are vegan or not (without […]

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