Posted by: conradvisionquest | March 12, 2010

Hot Models and Recycled T-shirts

Recycle-able. Resssycklabel. Recyclable.  It’s a mouthful.  Anyways, yes, t-shirts can, and should be, recycled.  Wanna know how I know? Because Teecycle says so!

I forget how I came across, but I have been a subscriber to their newsletter for awhile.  I’ve never purchased a shirt from them, but it’s not for a lack of selection that’s for sure! (they’ve got shirts for kids, ladies, men, and dogs!)  I just haven’t found the perfect shirt that spoke to me through my computer screen yet.  What’s that you say? “It’s just a t-shirt”?  Au contraire…

Teecycle’s tagline says it all: “Change your shirt. Change the world.”  From the web site:

When you own a Teecycle shirt, it says you care about the environment by re-using high-quality T-shirts with history, character and a unique story. Each Teecycle shirt is hand-selected from rummage sales, thrift stores or donated by friends.

With awesome photography like this (code for "hot model") who could refuse a Teecycle Shirt!

To top it off, $1 of each sale is donated to the River Revitalization Foundation in the Milwaukee area.  Have I ever been to Milwaukee? Nope, but I was a big fan of Laverne & Shirley, and the hubster likes beer, so I figure what the hay!  In all seriousness, I like to toot the horns of people who make an effort to leave their mark on the world by making it better.  Tim and Jess are those kinda people. So, toot toot!

Check ’em out, buy a shirt, do good.



  1. I think YOU should pose for one of those t-shirt pics! 😉 That model’s got nothin’ on you, Wendikins!

    • oh, sosae… you’re just sayin’ that! 😉 w

      • No I’m not! I mean it! You be cute as a button and smart as a (really sharp) tack! 🙂

  2. Awesome!

    • yes, cali, teecycle is way awesome! ~w

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