Posted by: conradvisionquest | March 3, 2010

Dress Green and Treat Me Special: Etsy Shop Review

I had an Etsy shop for about a year. In that time, I learned about customer service, attention to detail, and doing “the little things.” Now that I am on the buying end, I find that I am a more discerning consumer when it comes to Etsy shopping. Translation: I am one picky beyotch!

There seems to be a controversy on Etsy and other similar sites about what shops “should” be doing in terms of customer service. I have purchased from a few different shops in recent months, and although no shop did anything wrong per se, it’s those that do the “little extras” that I will return to. Dress Green is one of those shops.

Pomegranate Shampoo Bar by Dress Green

What do I mean by “little extras?” Well, to some they may not even seem extra, but are standard practice. I know these things were standard for me when I ran my shop, but don’t expect them from every shop. You will be disappointed.

My major gripe is communication. Answer your convos (emails), let me know you received my order and/or when my order has shipped, and be friendly! I’ve had shops answer my questions with vinegar instead of honey, or ignore them alltogether! One of the reasons I shop on Etsy is because these are independently owned shops, the ultimate “mom & pop” way to purchase quality, handmade things. Don’t make me feel like I am bothering you because you are too busy.

Vanilla Luxe body creme by Dress Green

Ok, enough with the ranty-ness and on with the good stuff! Dress Green is one of those shops that makes me feel special. Lauren always lets me know when my order has shipped, and it’s usually the next day. This isn’t because she’s not busy, she has over 9,000 sales! Not to mention her branding is clean and memorable, her photos are well-done and creative, and her descriptions are thorough. And she’ll let you know which products are vegan. Love it. I also love that she sends a little note and a sample along with your order. Only takes a minute, but with me it goes a long way.

Organic Cocoa Bean Body Scrub by Dress Green

My recent Dress Green purchases:

Pomegranate Juice Shampoo Bar (vegan): With my first purchase from Dress Green, I got a sample of the regular pomegranate soap, and it smelled soooo gooood. The thought of my hair smelling that good is what made me buy this shampoo bar.

Moisturizing Vanilla Luxe Body Cream (vegan): All I can say is… OMG. This is my absolute new favorite cream and it’s in the most heavenly scent! I usually like to smell like cake batter or a sugar cookie, but Dress Green didn’t have anything like that. This Vanilla Luxe was the closest thing. I wasn’t sure I was going to like the “touch of sweet pineapple,” but this stuff smells divine, and the scent is long lasting. I put it on in the morning, and my skin still smelled sweet at the end of the day.

Organic Cocoa Bean Body Scrub: If you love smelling chocolately things, then this scrub is for you. And it makes your skin soft, too! I asked Lauren why this item was not tagged “vegan” like the others. She let me know that because the sugar in this product is refined using what they call “bone char,” it is not considered 100% vegan, even though there are no actual animal products in this scrub. I was impressed that she knew this, which told me she does her homework! And I got a little education about sugar when I googled the subject. (btw, if you are looking for vegan sugar, try Florida Crystals. they even have it up here in the mountains!)  Lauren let me know that she will be coming out with coarser scrubs in the near future that are made with either all cane juice and/or salt to have some officially vegan ones in the mix. YAY!

So, let’s review what we’ve learned about Dress Green. Vegan-friendly items? Check. Fast shipping and quality products? Check. Reasonable prices? Check. Friendly, one on one service, visually appealing shop, conscious about the environment? All of the above! Make sure you visit Lauren’s shop. You will not be disappointed. And tell her Wendy sent you!



  1. I came by to check out the shampoo recommendation, and it does look absolutely lovely! Buuuuut it looks like shipping for me would be equivalent to the cost of the item. 😦 I’ll definitely keep this in mind when I move back to the US though!

    • aw that’s a shame…i love this shampoo bar! i’m sure you can find someone in your neck of the woods on etsy that makes a shampoo bar.

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