Posted by: conradvisionquest | February 15, 2010

Non-Dairy Dilemma

I have been off cow’s milk for years.  After all, I’m not a baby cow, so there’s really no reason for me to consume it.  Not to mention what goes on in dairy farms across the country is pretty scary.  But I like an occasional bowl of cereal, and water just doesn’t cut it.  I was a big fan of the Silk soy milk, until I became aware of reasons why I should not be drinking it.

First off, Silk was originally produced by using soy from American organic farmers.  Not so anymore.  The company has been consumed by a larger company, who of course wants to make as much money as they can.  Organic farming is labor intensive, and guess where they can get organic soy at a fraction of the cost of American organic soy? China.  So that’s exactly what they did.  Until they abandoned their support of organic altogether. Check out this blog post for further explanation.

Next is the controversy of soy milk’s possible link to breast cancer.  As with anything else, you will find studies and articles supporting both camps.  This article does a nice job of exploring both opinions, not just for breast cancer but other health issues.   Here’s another that is also middle of the road, concluding that eating soy in moderation is ok.  Because I have a history of breast cancer in the family, I choose to avoid soy.

If not soy milk, then what?  I decided to give rice milk a go, so I tried Rice Dream.  It was good in my cereal.  But I wondered how they make it, so I did a little research.  In doing so I came across this blog post on suggesting that Monsanto is a shareholder in Rice Dream. Ugh. Then I read this one about what exactly goes into this rice milk.  Double ugh.  But, you can make your own, which I haven’t tried yet but I’ll let you know how that goes.

I started researching alternatives to soy and rice milk, and discovered almond milk.  I have recently tried this and it’s good, and comparable in price to soy milk.  Read this article which explores the benefits and controversies of all three.

The more I learn, the more I realize how important is it to know where your food comes from.  The only way you can truly know is to grow your own, make your own, or purchase from local farms that you can visit and see what they are doing.

Got an interesting alternative to milk that you like? Recipe? Share, please…



  1. Oh yeah! Almond milk is my absolute favorite “milk”! Next was rice, but now you’ve got me worried about that. Blah! It’s getting so you can’t put anything in your mouth anymore! (Food, that is…)

  2. i am eating almond milk right now! if you could find a brand better than rice dream let me know and i might try it. yeah, i’m growing weary of investigating where my food comes from and who is making it, because i will be stuck only with what i produce myself it seems! but, like what one of my favorite new people says, “don’t do nothing because you can’t do everything!”

  3. Very informative post! I stopped drinking Silk when I heard that it is owened by one of the major dairy industries. I have made my own almond milk once, but I found it was too pricey and time consuming, and my whole kitchen was dirty from straining it. Right now I’m buy organic soymilk, I just find it’s convenient to cook with.

    • thanks for commenting! i’m loving almond milk right now. i buy it at the grocery and i use it in my cereal and for cooking and it’s been great. until i find out something ugly about blue diamond almond milk, i’m gonna stick with that for now.

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