Posted by: conradvisionquest | February 11, 2010

V-Day, Chocolate, and Why I Don’t Like Either

Valentine’s Day has been around for centuries.  It’s filled with cupids and arrows and doilies and pink & red hearts and chocolate candy.  It’s a holiday for celebrating old love, new love, current love.  So what’s my beef with love and chocolate?  Let me count the ways…

Anytime there is an obligation to purchase something, I’m immediately turned off.  You’re supposed to buy stuff for your loved one(s) on this holiday.  What is wrong with you?  Are you a heartless monster?   No.  I would much rather do something for someone when I really want to do it, not because the greeting card industry tells me to.  Granted, in my case this is not very often.  But when I do something for someone or get/make them a gift, it is truly because I want to.  And I think people appreciate it more when it’s “just because” rather than on a day when everyone else is doing it, too.  And don’t even get me started on Sweetest Day.  What the crap is that? 

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I’m all about love and being romantic, but to me that means having lunch in the park with my beau, or being taken care of when I’m sick, or writing love notes on the steamy mirror in the bathroom.  Not an overpriced bouquet of red roses (now THAT’S creative!), a stuffed teddy bear holding a red heart that says “be mine” that was probably manufactured unethically in some third world country, or the standard box of chocolates. 

Speaking of chocolate, we will now address my distaste for it.  I’ve never been crazy about chocolate, I don’t compare it to great sex, and I don’t have to keep a bag of M&Ms in my desk drawer.  Right now you must be saying, “But you’re a girl, a female, a woman, a lady!  Don’t all chicks have to have chocolate?”  Apparently not.  This is another reason why I think I was a man in a past life.  In fact, chocolate gives me a headache.  I used to eat chocolate chip cookies, but would eat around the chocolate chips.  Now I just get sugar cookies.  I can have chocolate flavored things, like cake or soy milk, but please, no milk chocolate… no bars, no bunnies, no samplers.  I’d rather have a homemade pizza.  So maybe this year, I will make my valentine a heart-shaped pizza.

I don’t begrudge any of you who love the love holiday.  Just don’t go into debt to celebrate it because you feel like you have to.  And don’t give me little valentine’s with cartoon characters on them (don’t bother wasting the paper), or an oversized hershey’s kiss (that I will obviously will never eat).  Save your money.  I, for one, prefer to be a frugal romantic!

Check out this great article about Valentine’s Day and sustainability.

So what are you doing for your honey this Valentine’s Day?  Or, are you against the corporate holiday making machine and would rather spend V-Day snuggled up with a good netflix movie?  Comments please…



  1. I don’t see why there has to be a special day for showing your love to someone. I’ll do that when I want to myself, which is enough already.

  2. thanks for the comment, fuifduif! i agree… it’s the same thing as only being charitable during christmas, or only go to church during easter, or only celebrating life on someone’s birthday. it’s just silly to me.

  3. Awww, c’mon! Y’all sound so bitter. Let’s face it, corporations have taken over the world. It’s hard to live sustainably, etc. I can talk forever and a day about how Christmas has been turned into a Coca Cola advertisement, but who’s going to give? Valentine’s Day is just the symbol of romance. Yes, it’s manipulated like every other holiday, but you don’t have to spend money to enjoy it! All my hubby and I did was say, “Good morning honey! Happy Valentine’s Day!” and gave eachother a kiss. That’s all. Then I got a sweet call from my 6 year old niece, “Happy Valentine’s Day, aunt Sosie!” So what, big deal? It’s sweet. Forgive me for sounding like a bimbo here, but Valentine’s is like makeup, it makes you feel pretty. I think a quick look around news sites, and we can find a lot of truly miserable and shameful acts to get angry and upset about, rather than begrudge a girly holiday tradition.

    • hey, sosae! HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!
      au contraire, mon frere! i don’t begrudge the tradition. ( i even said “I don’t begrudge any of you who love the love holiday.”) and i am hardly angry and upset about valentine’s day (although I am upset and angry about sweetest day, lol)! no no no! believe me, i am well aware of all the issues in the world that warrant anger and action. and i love the fact that people still celebrate love in a world where there continues to be misery and acts of the ego. i called my mom and wished her a happy v-day, too. i am not anti valentine’s day, all sitting in the corner in my black clothes, refusing to leave the house for fear of having to witness some roses being delivered. i just am against the commercial spin that is put on this, and what seems like every, holiday. i know people who are in court about to lose their house but who are getting more credit cards just to fund valentine’s day gifts! this is what concerns me. i like makeup and love and feeling pretty, too, but i am disenchanted with all the holidays… their meanings have been stripped away by commercialism. i guess i should change the title of this post to “I Am Reminded of my Distaste for Consumerism and Chocolate by the Valentine’s Day.”

      • LOL Okay, you had me cracking up so bad with your reply. I couldn’t agree with you more about being disenchanted with holidays, though. Really, all this consumerism does indeed strip the joy out of everything. It’s so hollow and empty. I’d rather have a handmade card (like yours!!!!!!) and homemade gifts, which speak of time and love-input. Folks just have to find the meaning of these holidays and festivities, rather than act them out according to how the TV wants them to.
        -end rant. 🙂

      • yes, but there lies the problem. people don’t think for themselves. they let the tv and society tell them what to think and how to feel without questioning anything. i used to be the same way! people don’t really know the true meaning behind any of the holidays or how they got started. but that’s what google is for.

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