Posted by: conradvisionquest | February 10, 2010

Vegan Freak: The Evolution of My Diet

While most of the country was watching the Super Bowl and it’s entertaining commercials over the weekend (loved the one with Betty White, who is one of my favorite animal activists!!), I was exploring my feelings about what I eat and was pulled by my heartstrings towards a completely vegan diet.

I watched the dvd Vegetarian Cooking with Compassionate Cooks that I got from our netflix list.  I was pleasantly surprised for many reasons.

1) It seemed to be associated with Farm Sanctuary, a charity I already love and support.

2) The chicks in this instructional video are hilarious, but not intentionally, which makes it even MORE hilarious (more about this later)

3) It made me realize even more how easy it is to switch to a vegan diet.

The two lovely ladies made a handful of simple recipes, including a chocolate cake.  As the dvd progressed, I couldn’t help but notice that these ladies seemed to not care for each other very much.  And their presentation was very… hmmm, I’m trying to choose the most accurate word here to describe it… I guess it was a mix between radio show host, used car salesman, and Price is Right’s “Barker’s Beauties.”  One of them would say things like, “This recipe would cook much faster if someone wasn’t talking to me!”  You really have to watch it to get what I am saying.  It made me laugh!  I almost wish I hadn’t returned it so I could watch it again.

Now, because the dvd does not have the word “vegan” in it, I was expecting recipes that included cheese and eggs.  I am having difficulty “letting go” of cheese, but this video made me more resolved to be completely vegan.  The ladies explained all the ingredients, which made them less scary for someone like me who is not familiar with tofu.  And the recipes they prepared were simple and looked yummy!  I also watched another part listed in the “bonus features” section about the animal industry.  It reminded me why I decided to cut out meat, and now all animal products, in the first place.

The day after watching this, I went online and discovered one of the chefs has a podcast covering interesting topics like “Life After Cheese” and “Replacing Eggs in Cooking” and common responses to questions non-vegans might ask.  I downloaded a bunch to my ipod and started listening to them yesterday.  I must say, it’s as if I found something I didn’t know I was looking for.  Her podcasts are thoughtful and well put together and address a ton of relevant issues and topics.  I encourage anyone who is exploring a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle to listen.

Speaking of podcasts, I also came across the Vegan Freak web site, which also has a web site called Vegan Freak Radio.  I poked around a little on both sites, and it’s like a breath of fresh air.  I love reading things that break the stereotype of how people think vegans are (I even have those stereotypes in my head, to which I now say “Get out of there!”).  These folks are way passionate, but not stuffy, using phrases like “what the fuck are you people doing?” and “Oprah went vegan to shit more often.”  I dunno how I got it in my head that vegans don’t cuss, but it was in there! Weird.

Anyway, these on-line finds came at just the right time in my quest for a kinder diet.  These resources challenged my own stereotypes and beliefs about what a vegan should be and how they should act, and helped me to realize my own past cowardess in not wanting to know the truth about where my food comes from.  Thank, you peoples!



  1. Thank you for this post. I was vegetarian, and almost vegan (cheese), but now my chiropractor, who is providing nutritional therapy to me, wants me to eat more animals, at least for a bit. He says that the metals (I had fillings removed in October and my health has stunk since then) bind more efficiently to proteins, which are then eliminated. I am eating only eggs where I can buy them from a friend (not opposed to local farm source, but I don’t know of one yet, and I do have a friend who has chickens). But he also wants me to eat wild salmon. It’s a struggle for me, because I don’t like eating any animals. I’ll have to have another chat with my chiropractor to see if I can’t go back to eliminating the animal foods.

    • thanks for the comment and what an interesting scenario…if i were you, i would get a second opinion and do a little research of my own to see if there may be vegan alternatives to your situation. only after exhausting these and finding that there were no alternatives that i could find, would i stick with this recommendation. sometimes in medical situations, we have no choice. and like you said, it’s not a permanent thing. keep us posted, i would love to know how it goes!

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