Posted by: conradvisionquest | January 21, 2010

“Mine” and doing it 3 times a week…

To keep the blog fresh and not bombard subscribers with 5 emails a week (all three of you!!), I decided to cut down my posts to Mon-Wed-Fri.  So this will be the last Thursday post.  I know, take a moment of silence to gather yourself…

Now that you have gathered yourself, prepare to fall apart again.  I came across the trailer for an upcoming documentary called “Mine,” which you can watch here.  I’m warning you, if you are a freaky dog person like I am (not the freaky ones who dress them up, but the ones who have pics of the dogs in their wallet instead of kids), then you’d better get out a box of tissues… and this is just the trailer!  This movie is about the victims of Hurricane Katrina, both human and otherwise.  This movie illustrates what happens when thousands of pets are displaced by a natural disaster, and it isn’t pretty.  I’m calling up my vet right now to find out about microchipping.  In case you missed it, you can read about where my love of dogs started here.

Also came across another trailer for a new movie coming out.  Not sure how good this movie will be, but I love the idea behind Furry Vengeance.  Check out the trailer here.

Is there an upcoming movie that you can’t wait to see?  Let’s hear it!


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