Posted by: conradvisionquest | January 14, 2010

Etsy Finds: Don’t Crap Up the Earth

Shopping with a conscience takes effort, but for me it’s worth it.  I like to think of searching for natural products that don’t harm the environment and are cruelty free as a treasure hunt.    And it can be done on a budget without sacrificing style or quality.

pitcher by Sadie Olive

One way to be eco-friendly and stylish at the same time  is to buy vintage.  Nothing new is being produced, therefor no resources are being used up.  A couple of wonderful vintage stores on Etsy are Little Byrd Vintage and Sadie Olive. These ladies have some great taste and beautifully present their vintage finds.   Both are great places to shop for elegant home decor or gifts for a friend.

Vintage Brownie by Canemah

Being an amateur photographer (you are reading the blog of a previous high school photography club President! I know, it IS exciting!) and loving vintage things, I found a wonderful shop called Canemah Studios.  Besides selling vintage and antique cameras, there is also some interesting fine art available. Check ’em out!

If your feeling chill but are trying to cut down your consumerism, try browsing through the scarves at Greenleaf Goods.  They are funky, colorful, and made from upcycled sweaters!  Lovely!

sold sweater from Rebecca's Art Closet

Self taught designer and seamstress, Rebecca, came up in a search for reconstructed clothing.  I covet this festive sweater from her shop, Rebecca’s Art Closet. She makes fantastic one-of-a-kind clothing from recycled apparel.  Her items are reasonably priced and good for the environment! Love it!

Me likey! Reconstructed shirt from PEEKO apparel

Another gem I found in the Etsy world is Peeko Apparel.  Based in Canada, this eco-minded designer makes her pieces from reclaimed fiber or upcycled and reconstructed garments.  I love her style, and have been circling her shop for weeks now like a vulture!  Perhaps it will be in my budget to swoop down soon and purchase one of these shirts!

Set of 4 Tumblers by Zeke at Bodhicitta

Ok, I know that last thing on your mind when you get to the bottom of the wine bottle is, “I wonder where this empty wine bottle will end up?”  Usually for me it’s something like “Where’s my shoe?” or “Why are you yelling?”  Well, I found a little gem of a shop on the Etsy that’s after this green girl’s heart.  It’s Bodhicitta by Zeke the glass artist!  And he makes amazing glassware from recycled beer and wine bottles.  And his avatar is a cow.  (I wish I could stop beginning sentences with “And,” but I can’t!)  Cruise on over to Zeke’s shop and check out the wonderful things he does.  Would make a great wedding or housewarming gift for your favorite green couple.

Bottle Stopper made with Recycled Vintage Valve knob from ikc design

Now meet Casey.  She makes new stuff from old stuff and makes it available to you on Etsy.  Visit her shop, ikc design.  The bottle stoppers made from things like vintage valves and trophy heads are my faves.  Man, I wish I’d have saved ALL those trophies I got when I was a kid, and I do mean alot!  I was a winner!  (my “last place champion” certificate I received in bowling can be made into something else, can’t it?)

Re-purpose, recycle, reuse, up-cycle. It’s easy, and it doesn’t crap up the earth!


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