Posted by: conradvisionquest | January 7, 2010

Etsy Finds: What’s the deal with tooth soap?

In researching raw foods, I came across a blog that I mindlessly subscribed to.  I do this often, and if I become disinterested I just unsubscribe, weeding out the boring and keeping the not boring.  This blog sent me an email about tooth soap, which I read and ended up down the world wide rabbit hole (say THAT five times fast!)

This blog, which shall remain nameless, sent a link to another site which sells tooth soap in liquid form.  I read the testimonials, and it sounded great.  Organic, check!  Vegan, check!  Made in USA, check.  Then I got to the price tag… $26 for O-N-E bottle, one bottle that lasts 4 to 6 WEEKS!  Wha wha WHAAAAT? This blew me away, especially when this stuff is supposed to be JUST SOAP! 

I did some google research on the benefits of tooth soap vs. toothpaste, and I was intrigued.  Basically, tooth soap is natural,  toothpaste is not- it contains a bunch of chemical junk that prevents your teeth from re-enamelizing themselves.  Sounds counterproductive, right?  What I discovered can be summed up by this lovely lady on her blog, where she has a FAQ page about tooth soap. Of course, there are always at LEAST two sides to every story.  There are those who say flouride is bad, those who say the benefits outweigh the risks.  You can read about the arguments against flouride here and for flouride here.

Enough science stuff and let’s get to the fun! I navigated my happy hiney over to Etsy, and searched for tooth soap.    And, as usual, I was pleasantly surprised.

Pearly White Teeth by Beautiful Soaps

I was looking for actual soap, not liquid drops or powder, and I came across a few hopefuls.  First up is this version by Beautiful Soaps.  She gives alot of information in the listing about what tooth soap is, and it seems the lip balm applicator would be convenient and less messy.  Great for traveling!  What’s it taste like? “ORIGINAL: peppermint, anise, cinnamon, orange & lemon extracts with orange, spearmint and peppermint essential oils all blended together to make one herbal minty soapy taste.”

tooth soap by Sapeterapi

Next up is this version by Sapeterapi.  It seems to be a half bar and priced at around 5 bucks you can’t beat it.  After reading up on the shops and the products, this was the one I decided to buy, but I was too late!  Someone had scooped up the last one!  At the time of this writing, they were still sold out of the tooth soap, but check back after the holidays. I’ll definitely be back to score me some tooth soap.  UPDATE:  Aimee just let me know her tooth soap will be back on February 4th!  YAY!

Tooth Chips by Rose of Sharon Acres

Lastly is this version by Rose of Sharon Acres, which shop-owner Monica calls “tooth chips.”  And that’s exactly what they are: little chips of soap that you put into your tooth brush or bite down on in the back of your mouth and start brushing.  I ended up purchasing the 2 oz. tin, which should last 2 people brushing 2x/day for 2 months.  Not bad for 9 bucks!  She also sells 4 oz. cans, and a formula containing cavity fighting Xylitol.

This is me after brushing with Tooth Chips!

As soon as the package came from Rose of Sharon Acres (fast shipping BTW, and at holiday time, too!), I couldn’t wait to try it!  It is a different experience from using toothpaste, I must say.  One little tooth chip provided alot of  bubbles and suds, and even though I got the lemon-ginger flavor, it was definitely soapy tasting, but not in an overwhelming way.  But hey, it IS soap!  I brushed my teeth and rinsed three times per the package instructions.  My teeth felt clean with no aftertaste.  I look forward to experiencing what I have read will be the benefits of using tooth soap!  I’ll keep you updated on that…

Of course, you can always make your own!  There are TONS of recipes for homemade toothpaste on the internet.

What do YOU think? A bunch of hype? Would you try or have you already tried tooth soap? Leave your comments below…



  1. You are SO making me want to try tooth soap! (And arent’ you just a hottie with your glistening white teeth! Ah, you could look like a toad but your personality would make you gorgeous…I mean, you definitely look like your personality…) Does the soap make your tongue feel weird? I’ve been using Tom’s of Maine fluoride-free toothpaste, and I hate it: I mean, the fluoride-free part is great, but my morning breath ends up stinkier than before I brushed my teeth! I mean it. I finally started just using a brush and hot water…

    • oh, sosae, i have you SOOOO fooled! that’s not really me, it’s a stunt double! and this isn’t me either, i have writers… anyway, nope, doesn’t make the tongue feel weird. and using it before bed time i think actually LESSENS the severity of my stinky morning breath. you should try it! ill never go back to regular toothpaste.

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