Posted by: conradvisionquest | December 31, 2009

Movies I Saw in 2009: Part 1 of 2

Wanna read an end-o-the-year list that has nothing to do with making, keeping, and/or inevitably breaking New Year’s resolutions? Well, my friend, you have found one…

We don’t have cable or satellite, so really the only TV we watch is movies from Netflix.  Much cheaper than cable, and you don’t have to sit through commercials!  I’ve compiled a list of the better ones we’ve seen.  What makes a movie “better?”  For me, if I wake up the next day and I am still thinking about the movie, it’s better.  Here’s a list of 20 (part 2 tomorrow!) of the memorable movies we watched this year, in no particular order…

1. “Who Killed The Electric Car?”I often wondered to myself, hey self, since the technology exists for us to make cars that do not require gas to run, like electric cars, why isn’t everyone driving one?  Well, this movie answers that question.  It angered me to watch it.  Any movie that evokes strong emotion is a good one if you ask me.  Watch this movie and get angry, too!

2. “Into the Wild”- I love movies based on true stories, and this one was really well done.  Directed by Sean Penn, this flick is based on the last months of a young man’s life, who decided to give up all material things, including his car, and travel the country on his way to Alaska.  The soundtrack was done by Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam fame, another reason to love the movie.  Watch it, and your wanderlust will awaken!

3. “Shut Up & Sing”- I’m no country fan, believe me, but I like and respect the Dixie Chicks.  Remember awhile back when they criticized President Bush overseas?  This documentary follows the band during and after that time, showing the backlash they endured for speaking their minds.  You don’t have to like country music or the Dixie Chicks or even agree with their politics to enjoy this movie about the freedom of speech.

4. “The Secret Life of Bees”- What a sweet movie starring Dakota Fanning, Queen Latifah, Alicia Keys and Jennifer Hudson!  Based on a best-selling novel about a teenager trying to find herself after her mama dies.  Even the hubster liked this one!  And it made me want to be a beekeeper.

5. “US vs. John Lennon”- Documentary about John Lennon’s anti-war activism and the US government’s attempts to silence him.  A must see for those born after the 60s!

6. “Trade”- Holy crap!  If you saw “Taken” and don’t think that human trafficking goes on in the real world, watch this one.  Based on a New York Times Magazine story, this crime drama starring Kevin Kline delves into the world of international sex trafficking that leads from Mexico City to a New Jersey stash house.  Chilling story.

7. “Kite Runner”- Based on a novel mostly set in war-ravaged Afghanistan, this movie will make you grateful to live in the US (or wherever you live).  A heartwarming tale about an Afghan man who returns to his homeland to try to repay his debt to a loyal childhood friend. Excellent and inspiring.

8. “Saint Ralph”- Set in 1954, this film is about a teenage boy whose mom is in a coma.  He makes a “deal” with God that if he wins the Boston Marathon, God will save his mom.  Wonderful flick!

9.  “The Garden”- Why do I insist on watching these movies that piss me off, pardon my French?  I guess it’s good to get mad about issues that are important to you.  That’s what motivates people to take action to change things.  This Oscar-nominated documentary follows a group of low-income families struggling to protect a 14-acre urban farm in the middle of South Central Los Angeles from bureaucratic real estate developers.  Great film, and I love the cover art!

10. “God Grew Tired of Us”-   An award winner at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival, this documentary is about Sundanese refugees  displaced by war who eventually end up in America in search of a better life.  Again, this one will make you mad that these injustices still occur in the world, and grateful for the life you have.

Stay tuned!  The rest of this list will appear in tomorrow’s post.  Be safe out there tonight…



  1. I couldn’t sleep after seeing “Into the Wild!” It is a must-see movie, but be prepared to be inspired and disturbed at the same time!!

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