Posted by: conradvisionquest | December 29, 2009

Esty Finds: Grow Your Own Food

All this talk about farming and Etsy got me to thinking… what if I brought the two together?  Oh I would be in heaven!  So fire up your angel wings ’cause here we go…

What better way to spread the word about the rewards of growing your own food than by wearing the message?  People will ask you about your garden, and you can tell them all about why you choose to grown your own.  This canvas tote print also comes in men’s and women’s t-shirts in groovy grass green and basic black .  Available from the good folks at Happy Family.

While I was searching for farmy goodness on Etsy, I also came across this shirt from MooSomething, and boy am I glad I did!  Get it? CLUCK Factory Farms!  Love it! In this shop run by Cary Emerson Smith, artist and animal activist, you will find custom animal paintings, photos and apparel that promote humane treatment of all animals.  This particular print comes in men’s and women’s styles AND it’s 100% cotton from American Apparel.  That means it’s sweatshop free and made in the USA.  WOOHOO!

Check out these farm fresh garden markers from Butter Milk Hollow.  Hand stamped and made from recycled metal, these little guys will help you find your broccoli & squash seedlings in the garden.  Also check out these beauties made from recycled vintage silver.  Marvelous!

What’s the main ingredient needed to grow your own food? SEEDS!  And I had no idea you could get heirloom seeds right there on Etsy!  Wanna grow gorgeous tomatoes like these? Head on over to  to My Victory Garden where they have many varieties of veggies and flowers to choose from.  Another great seed shop is Frog Pond Gardens.  No  chemicals or GMO seeds here.  SUPERYAY!  They sell organic veggie, flower, and herb seeds, including these interesting green zebra tomatoes.

If you can’t grow your own, you can still enjoy the fruits of someone else’s labor!  Check out the organic raspberry jam from Mirasol Farm.  They’re having a go at sustainable agriculture and raise organic chickens, berries, bees, and an enormous garden.  They also make naturally scented balms, lotions and soaps, including this nifty upcycled soap which you will need to clean yourself up after a day in the garden!

The thought of growing our own food was intimidating, and we did make some mistakes with our first veggie garden this past season.  But mistakes are not failures, just lessons.  Turns out there was no reason to feel intimidated.  We had a very bountiful harvest for our first year!  Do you grow your own food?  Have you thought about it but don’t know where to start? Let’s chat… just comment below!



  1. Thank you for featuring me! This is a wonderful post. Informative and fun 🙂

    I’ll be sure to look around at everything!!

    • thanks for stopping by, Cary! I love your silly shirts about serious subjects… and your paintings are amazing! Keep it up, girl! ~w

  2. Ah, if only we could grow our own food…The irony is, we have thousands of acres of land, free and open right through our kitchen door. But alas, if none of it belongs to you, you can’t plant a turnip! It’s living under the queen all over again. We need an allotment, methinks. I love your veggies pictures! More veggie pictures!

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