Posted by: conradvisionquest | December 17, 2009

The Smelly-Good Conscious Consumer with Long Lashes

In my younger years I never would have thought I would be a supporter of having less stuff.  I was a shop-aholic, and loved buying a new pair of shoes as much as the next girl.  But as I aged going shopping only made me feel guilty, instead of giving me that temporary high that I used to get back in the day.  My perspective and values had changed.

In my quest to be a more responsible consumer on a budget, I downsized my stuff, avoid advertising, and try to only purchase things I need and can’t make myself or get used.  I also am conscious of which companies test on animals.  And hey, what’s in this stuff anyway? Where does it come from and who is making it and how? 

Getting answers to all of these questions sure does narrow down the options for me.  Of course, I still like nice things and occasionally splurge when I can.  Oftentimes I hunt for those special things on Etsy.  It’s amazing what you can find, and here are some of my faves.

There are a gazillion soap makers on Etsy, but I have found a handful that I like and most are vegan.  Mad Hatter Soap Co. is currently closed for the holidays, but they have some amazing scents.  Wanderlust is my favorite so far (coincidence? I think not!) And it makes your bathroom smell divine.  They also have a sampler you can buy to see which scents you want to get full bars of.  I have also tried this body whip, which I have a hard time not eating. Other soap shops I hope to try are Dress Green, Virtue Natural (hey, Sosae!), Farmstead Organics,  and Long Winter Farm.

Now that you are squeaky clean and smelling good, time to pretty up!  Just because we want to go green doesn’t mean we can’t look good while doing it.  Finding natural, cruelty-free soap is a piece of cake compared to finding natural, cruelty-free mascara!  Even in the corporate world, it’s usually either one or the other.  Big name mascaras I’ve tried are Urban Decay and Beauty Without Cruelty.  These were good quality, but not without a price.   So, I did a search on Etsy, and discovered a couple of  potentials.  I just purchased this mascara from SoBeBotanicals.  Natural, check. Cruelty-free, check.  And at nearly half of what I was paying for the big name stuff, I had to try it.  It should be arriving this week and I can’t wait!  Lex is a pleasure to talk to, and she makes other amazing stuff like vegan deodorant and  mineral makeup.  I also found this mascara from Erzulie Cosmetics.  Other goodies to try here are mineral makeup and natural skin care.  On my Erzulie wish list is the temple balm, as I get terrible headaches.  Also on the mascara watch is this vegan version from The All Natural Face.  Great price and vegan? I’m in heaven!

Look for more Etsy Finds and product reviews in future posts!  Now go and shop consciously!



  1. I love getting my body care stuff on Etsy! It’s so much easier to find affordable vegan things there. My favorite for lotions is Pink Dandy Shop His lotions actually moisturize without leaving you feel greasy, plus they’re vegan and smell great!

  2. thanks for the comment, wolfshowl! yes, i love getting something on etsy that i used to buy on or sephora. and thank you for the pink dandy recommendation… looks like a cute shop, and they have one of my favorite scents, “birthday cake!” i love stuff that makes me smell like cake batter!

  3. Ah – love this! Let us know how that mascara works for you! I’m with you fully – buy handmade whenever you can. If there’s something I want, then I will look for a handmade alternative. The handmade is always what I end up picking, because (in my experience) it’s made better. Promise we’ll start posting our soaps in January! 🙂

    • Yay, I can’t wait to try some Sosae-made soaps! I will post a review of the mascara once I try it. Thanks for stopping by! 😉 w

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