Posted by: conradvisionquest | September 5, 2009

Thank you, recession & best money saving tip

images[1]Some people choose to see the state of our country as all doom and gloom.  I choose to see it as an opportunity.  If things weren’t happening for us as they are, we may never have started planning this trip.  Although my heart goes out to the unemployed, the homeless, the people living in tent cities… these stories have made me SO grateful for what we have.  And, this recession has forced me to put us on a strict financial diet, and with that I have discovered that what we thought we needed was really a bunch of “wants,” and really not worth the money we were paying.  I’ve made it a game to try and save money.

In my ongoing quest to trim our budget down to the absolute minimum, I am always reading articles on the subject.  Every time I see “10 ways to save money” or “How to live on $10K a year” I immediately click to see if there are any gems of wisdom.  Most of the time, there is not.  We are way past “Skip the morning Starbucks” and “Eat out less” stage.   I think we were before we started.  Morning coffee? Eat OUT?  Listen here, MSN Money, do you think I am an amateur at this?  It is almost insulting to read these articles.  Do you think people who are unemployed are eating out or buying coffee at Starbucks?  Give me something I can use!  My #1 tip for saving money is DON’T SPEND IT unless you absolutely have to!  Food, shelter, clothing, that type of thing.  Cable TV? NO! Paying for trash service when you can take it yourself? NO!  Going “shopping as a weekend activity? NO!  When I click on an article titled “Top 10 Ways to Save Money,” I am a little disappointed when on that list is “shop for seasonal items in off-season” or “Try your hand at bargaining.”  You save money by not spending it, not getting something on sale!  It’s not rocket science.  Of course, we don’t want to totally deprive ourselves, we just have fun in different ways.  Instead of going out to dinner, we invite friends over and ask that they bring a dish.   We find local places that have free live music.  Or we stay home and watch a free movie on our lap top, courtesy of Hulu.

We are now in the “sell all your stuff” phase of the plan.  So, if you know anyone who “needs” a used wave runner or a set of Noritake china, please let us know!



  1. Wow, Wendy. I’m blown away. You are so conscientious. I agree whole-heartedly with you on many points you brought up. Also wish to point out how correct you are in stating that NOW is the time of opportunity. Creative folk need to revive their skills and trades, artistic folk need to reawaken their muse. We’re not perfect by any means, but we try hard to stay clear of corporate products and ideas. Sometimes it can’t be helped, but people need to wake up, turn off their TVs (permanently) and stop thinking in terms of commercials. -Sosae

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